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"I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some." ~H.Rappaport

Mandevilla: Garden Splurge or Investment?

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It’s too hot to work out in the garden today.  But not too hot to take a walk thru the garden to take in how things are thriving (or not) as we approach the midpoint of the growing season.

Grace joined me today for a quick visit to the garden early this afternoon – she likes to walk along the paths and sniff where the neighborhood cats and other critters have been since her last inspection of the area. (When I’m not looking, I know she leaves ‘pee-mail’ to let the cats know who actually owns this garden!)

I captured a photo of her as I was admiring the mandevilla on the trellis.  Grace doesn’t like the hot weather, but the mandevilla sure does. It’s a plant that is typically found in Central and South America.  Everything in the garden that loves the summer heat and humidity looks great this week.

Pink Mandevilla

I used to think that purchasing mandevilla for my NH garden was an extravagance….each pot costs about $30. Wow! $60 for annual flowers for the trellis?!?!

However, I’ve had success with overwintering the plants in my basement during the winter. As a result, I now look at these plants as an investment since I’ve kept some for as long as 5 years.

Phew! Justification that my splurge on these plants only costs about $6 per year (which is so much less than most other annuals for sale at the local nurseries in the spring!)

In case you ‘re wondering,  the mandevilla in this photo is a new 2012 “investment” into my garden.  I’m hoping for at least one more growing season.

But, if that doesn’t happen, the beauty that this pink mandevilla is bringing to my garden today, makes it worth every penny that was paid back in the spring.

Author: SandyBelknap

Strategic Communicator - Avid Gardener

One thought on “Mandevilla: Garden Splurge or Investment?

  1. hi Sandy,

    Thanks for sharing, this is is great.


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