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Porch Dog + Porch Frog = New Blog


One of the most frequent conversations that I have with my neighbors is about my dog, Grace, and how much she enjoys being the “Porch Dog” this summer. Whenever people go by, Grace is out there, relaxing under the ceiling fan, enjoying all that “porch living” has to offer!

Grace enjoying her day on the porch.

Grace is about 14 yrs old. I’ve had her for the past 6 years, so almost half of her life at this point.

This is amazing to me because she arrived at the Animal Rescue of New England as a dog that was in need of a lot of attention. She was initially categorized as a ‘Katrina’ dog that lost her owners during that storm 7 years ago this week.  The closest to reality that is now known or believed, is that Grace was a resident of the Humane Society in Newark, NJ and was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring in East Orange, NJ before she was rescued.  Grace ended up in the ‘ring’ after the death of an elderly owner (at least that’s what she has shared with the animal communicator that she visited last year). 🙂

She arrived at the shelter with puppies (7 according to her records that noted – “Do not PTS”  – PTS=Put to Sleep). She also had more puppies at the shelter (according to some stories/records).  I don’t like to think about this part of Grace’s life, but I do acknowledge it – and appreciate the team at the NJ shelter that continuously “checked” her out and brought her back in each time ‘her time was up.’ That said, she definitely deserved to be where she ended up for the 2nd half of her life – especially as I look at her tired, old, aging body, covered with scars from her face to some of her feet,  as she rests so contently on the front porch this summer .

YES! I admit that she is spoiled and she is definitely the “Porch Dog”.  She is out there by 7am and won’t come back into the house until after dark (which seems to get earlier each day as we wind down the summer of 2012.)

I’ve recently discovered that Grace has company on THE PORCH (my friend Terri has noted that this term should be in all CAPS because it seems to be a summer destination!)

There is the “Porch Frog” that  joined Grace on the porch (I mean, THE PORCH)  earlier month.

Technically, it’s a Grey Tree Frog – common here in NH.  It has been hanging out during the day, taking its place behind one of the window shutters.

Porch Frog's Home

Peek-a-Boo! Porch Frog behind the shutter.

It leaves every evening as dusk sets in, just before Grace comes in for the evening.  He heads to the garden in my backyard, I imagine to eat the bugs that only come out at night.  It’s become a routine, every morning, the “Porch Frog” is behind the shutter and every evening, it heads out, hopping across the patio furniture and into the backyard.

Porch Frog

Porch Frog heading out for the night!

Once the frog jumps into the magnolia tree each night, Grace seems ready to come into the house for the evening.  (Of course, the people on the porch get excited to see the frog’s evening migration, and it seems odd to me that Grace doesn’t seem to notice.)

I have a strong suspicion that Grace and Frog are true porch companions and we’ll never know what they talk to each other about all day long!

3 thoughts on “Porch Dog + Porch Frog = New Blog

  1. Beautiful porch. I should like to be there as well.

  2. How sweet- I look forward to the photo of Grace and porch frog together! My “deck dog” has a frenemy- “deck lizard.” They also hang out together, but deck dog thinks deck lizard is food 😉

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