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A Certified Garden Gift

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Mom didn’t want a gift for her Birthday last fall, so I got her this distinction from the National Wildlife Federation, instead. She LOVED it!


This official plaque was posted in one of her favorite spots in the garden today. It reads: “This Property Provides the Four Basic Habitat Elements Needed for Wildlife to Thrive: Food, Water, Cover, and Places to Raise Young.”

The last item is especially true with 6 birdhouses throughout the garden, filled w/ ‘babies’ squawking up a storm today. Look closely and you’ll see one of them…it should fledge this weekend.


You can get your own National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat Certification in a few simple steps. It’s definitely a lovely tribute gift for the person ‘who has everything’!

Author: SandyBelknap

Strategic Communicator - Avid Gardener

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